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Trinity Lutheran Church strives to connect people to Jesus by demonstrating God’s unconditional love.


Love God boldly,
Grow in faith continually,
Serve others joyfully. 

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Our  Invitation

On June 16th, twin tornados devastated Pilger, NE and the surrounding area up to Wakefield, NE. 19 people were injured and 2 deaths resulted from the storm. Much of Pilger was destroyed, including St. John’s Lutheran Church and parsonage. 22 member families experienced total losses. Farms from Stanton up through the Wakefield area were significantly damaged with extensive debris in the fields surrounding the area. Terry Makelin, wife Mary and their child Jamie lost everything in the storm. Pastor Makelin has been serving the congregation of St. John since last August. This devastation is not the first that the family has ever experienced. In 1988, the family lost a 5 year old son to a drowning accident. Then, on June 17th, another tornado did extensive damage between Laurel and Coleridge with again much significant debris, and extensive crop and livestock loss in various locations.  God is giving us at Trinity, an opportunity to rejoice with His gifts that He is providing for us to help the fellow redeemed in Nebraska. You can find more information at  Please place your offerings in designated offering envelopes and write for Nebraska Tornado Mission on envelope. Make checks out to “Trinity”.