Trinity Lutheran Church
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

 Dove      Trinity Lutheran Church 

424 E Gilman Street
New York Mills, Minnesota 56567

Phone: (218) 385-2450

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Trinity Lutheran Church strives to connect people to Jesus by demonstrating Godís unconditional love.


Love God boldly,
Grow in faith continually,
Serve others joyfully. 

Where to find us

Sunday Services are at 
8:00 am Worship Service
9:15 am Education Hour
 10:30 am Worship Service

Our Invitation to You
Our  Invitation

Trinity has the opportunity to impact a child of God in Mercy and Grace as we join in with the New York Mills community in helping Sierra Maunumaki, through our Mission of the Month. Sierra is daughter of Kristi Maunumaki & niece of Kim Imsande. The family needs to purchase a handicap van and lift to transport Sierra in her motorized wheelchair. Todayís market on 2-4 year old mini-vans with lifts or ramps run from low 30s to low 40s. So Trinity, can you picture the blessings of God, as we are used to help purchase this blessing of Godís great provision, so that with the time God gives Sierra here on earth, Heíll provide through us mobility for Sierra to enjoy our Lordís creation!

Peacemakers 9-21