Trinity Lutheran Church
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

  Dove       Trinity Lutheran Church  

424 E Gilman Street
New York Mills, Minnesota 56567

Phone: (218) 385-2450

      Lamb Window  

Trinity Lutheran Church strives to connect people to Jesus by
demonstrating God’s unconditional love.



Love God boldly,
Grow in faith continually,
Serve others joyfully. 



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  Our Invitation to You
Our Invitation 

Sunday Services are at 
8:00 am Worship Service,
9:30 Education Hour and 
10:30 am Worship Service 

MISSION OF THE MONTH for October: Ambassador of Reconcilliation

OCTOBER IS CHURCH WORKER APPRECIATION MONTH: We have the opportunity to show our appreciation to those involved in the Christian Ministry of our congregation. By honoring our pastors and DCE for their service and dedication, we worship God our Savior, by holding in high esteem those He has charged with our spiritual nurture and care, and are helping strengthen the team God has put together to serve Him. You’d be surprised at how much joy an act of appreciation or encouragement can give. As you creatively express gratitude to our pastors, you demonstrate much more than you realize. Expressing gratitude and appreciation is a very practical witness to our community of God's grace and mercy. After all, griping about our staff will never convince our community that God is a God of Love, but demonstrating genuine appreciation certainly will!