Trinity Lutheran Church
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

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424 E Gilman Street
New York Mills, Minnesota 56567

Phone: (218) 385-2450


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Trinity Lutheran Church strives to connect people to Jesus by
demonstrating God’s unconditional love.


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Our Invitation to You
Our Invitation 

Sunday Services are at 
8:00 am Worship Service,
9:30 Education Hour and 
10:30 am Worship Service 


First Choice Clinic 

FirstChoice Clinic is our Mission of the Month.
Here are their Mission and Directives as we at Trinity are on this faith walk
with them in the month of April.

FirstChoice Clinic is a nonprofit faith-based clinic providing education and
health services to empower individuals to make informed, life-affirming choices.

• Upholds the sanctity of every human life which is core to our ministry.
• Upholds sexual integrity throughout life; saving sexual expression for
  marriage and faithfulness within marriage.
• Maintains a respect for marriage and family, recognizing this as a
  God-given institution. Reaches out to those in need with love
and compassion.
• Demonstrates integrity through professional, confidential and trusting
  relationships with our clients, the community and each other.