Trinity Lutheran Church
Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

  Dove       Trinity Lutheran Church  

424 E Gilman Street
New York Mills, Minnesota 56567

Phone: (218) 385-2450

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Trinity Lutheran Church strives to connect people to Jesus by
demonstrating Godís unconditional love.



Love God boldly,
Grow in faith continually,
Serve others joyfully. 



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Sunday Services are at 
8:00 am Worship Service
9:15 am Education Hour
 10:30 am Worship Service

Our April Mission of the Month is for FirstChoice Clinic in Fargo.
There is a playpen to receive items of baby clothing, diapers, blankets etc. which are given free to moms and dads for their babies as they take parenting classes. There is also a tub of empty baby bottles for disciples at Trinity to take home and fill with cash and change.